Tulsa County Misdemeanor Process

A misdemeanor is a crime that is considered less serious than a felony but that can still result in a criminal record and jail time. Many commonly committed crimes fall into this category, including: DUI, assault and battery, possession of controlled dangerous substances (CDS), petty theft, vandalism and disorderly conduct.

Misdemeanor Process

Criminal proceedings usually begin with an arrest. Once a person is arrested for a crime he or she will be processed and officially charged. There are many steps to the criminal process that follow:

  • An initial appearance in court will occur so that the defendant can have a bail amount set and can be given time to hire a defense attorney.
  • The defendant’s lawyer can request discovery of evidence and files related to the proceedings to prepare for a trial.
  • A misdemeanor case may conclude without trial if your attorney can negotiate an acceptable plea. Plea deals are a middle ground where each side benefits in some manner.
  • If no plea deal is offered or reached, the process will move into a jury trial where you can be found not guilty and sent home or found guilty and sentenced by a jury.

While the details of each misdemeanor case may differ, the overall process will stay the same.

Legal Help You Can Trust

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