Suspended Sentence in Tulsa County

When people think about being found guilty of a crime, they often immediately and instinctively think about jail time, community service, or fines. While all of these are potential outcomes, there are many different options that the state can dole out for different crimes.

Suspended Sentence

In Oklahoma, suspended sentence is the term for a situation in which the defendant enters a guilty plea and is immediately convicted. The person does not go to jail for the duration of the sentence, they are simply put on probation. If they violate their probation, they will go to jail, even if the offense is minor.

  • The court can sentence a person to jail/prison
  • The court can still force the defendant to pay a fine or court costs.
  • The court may assign community service or other rehabilitation programs.

With a suspended sentence, a defendant does not  go to jail; however, it is still a conviction and the probationary restrictions can be strictly enforced.

Saving Time, Money and Your Future

Receiving a suspended sentence rather than a full sentence can save years of incarceration or thousands of dollars in fines.

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