Tulsa County Felony Process

Felonies are crimes that are deemed more severe than misdemeanors. There is a wide range of crimes that are considered felonies—charges as different as embezzlement and first-degree murder fall under this general category.

Felony Process

Felony proceedings almost always begin with an arrest. This can follow either an investigation by the police or an action witnessed directly by a law enforcement officer.

When a person is arrested, he or she will be processed and officially charged with the crime shortly thereafter. Generally, there are several steps that follow this initial processing:

  • A hearing is conducted with a judge or official to set court dates and assign a bail amount if applicable.
  • Discovery follows the hearing. This is the process in which a defendant’s attorneys can gather relevant documents and evidence to begin building a case.
  • The state may choose to offer a plea deal for various reasons. A plea deal gives a reduced sentence in exchange for a guilty plea to save the court a long trial process.
  • If no plea deal can be agreed on, the case will then move to a jury trial. Jury trials, which can be long and involved, eventually conclude with a verdict from the jury.

Each felony case will have different details, but all cases will follow the general process described above.

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