Court Process in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Criminal procedures can be frightening ordeals for those accused of crimes. Beyond the potential legal repercussions they may be facing, the court process is confusing for many people.

The Process Explained

Every case will proceed differently depending on the details of the case. In general though, there are steps that are followed in all criminal proceedings in Tulsa:

  • The police will formally charge the person shortly after the arrest.
  • A bail hearing will often take place within 24 hours of the charging.
  • An arraignment in court will occur and the court proceedings will begin in earnest.

Following the arraignment, the case can take many different paths. Misdemeanors go from arraignments to a Special Judge where the case may be dismissed, motion hearings held or set for trial In felony cases, there will be hearings and trials that follow this initial process.

A Lawyer by Your Side

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