Jail Release Tulsa County

When someone is arrested, the police will take him or her to jail to be processed. Mug shots will be taken, and charges will be officially made at this point. Obtaining release from jail after being charged with a crime is an important part of the legal process, and one that can be confusing during such a stressful time.

Securing Release

Getting out of jail is not always free. The court will usually set bail within 24 hours of an arrest. Bail is a monetary assurance that the legal system demands of a person being released who is awaiting trial. If the person attends the court dates, the money will be returned. Bail amount is set by a judge, and is determined by the severity of the crime and prior legal incidents of the person in question.

At times, the bail amount may be too high to pay out of pocket. Bail bondsmen provide the money to post bail, but will charge a nonrefundable fee.

A Lawyer Who Knows How to Handle the Courts

Bruce Edge and his team are experienced with jail procedures in Tulsa. With our knowledge, we can navigate the process and help find a trusted bondsmen if necessary. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, contact Bruce Edge immediately to get out of jail and begin building your defense.

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