Jail Time For Criminal Offenses in Oklahoma

The legal system has many different punishments it can levy on people who have been convicted of crimes. This includes fines, probations, revocation of driving privileges, and many more options. The most discussed and worried about punishment is incarceration, or jail time.

What Am I Facing?

Jail time is almost always a possibility, but for low-level crimes it is seldom assigned. The circumstances of the crime will always determine the potential jail time.

  • Unless previous arrests factor into it, misdemeanors usually carry a maximum of one year.
  • Felonies can carry no jail time if the sentence is deferred or suspended, or can carry a life sentence.
  • Life sentences are dealt out in only the most extreme of circumstances.

The crime itself will determine the sentence, but the state will make sure that the punishment is always appropriate to the crime that has been committed.

Experienced Legal Help To Avoid Time In Jail

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