Deferred Sentence in Tulsa County

There are many different outcomes that are possible in a criminal trial. The specifics of the crime and charge will always determine the potential outcomes, and the potential sentences.

Deferred Sentences

A deferred sentence is one of the most positive outcomes that a person can get if they enter a guilty plea. A deferred sentence means that the defendant is placed on probation for a period of time. If they violate the rules of this probation they go to jail; however, if they can avoid making further mistakes for that period of time, the entire charge is wiped off of their record.

  • The court can require the defendant to pay legal fees.
  • The court can also require community service on the part of the person pleading guilty.
  • The defendant may be required to make reparations to the victim.
  • Various classes and evaluations may be required.

In general, probation requires good behavior in the community and no further incidents with the law.

There are three major issues to consider with a deferred sentence:

  1. A violation of probation exposes a person to the full length of punishment for the charge, regardless of what the original agreement was.
  2. Even if you successfully complete the probation and the charges is dismissed, there are certain offenses that can be enhanced due to the deferred plea. This means if you have the same type of charge in the future, the original plea may be used against you.
  3. Some professional licenses may be denied or revoked due to the plea.

Getting Deferred Sentences

An experienced legal team knows how to work for positive outcomes. Depending on the circumstances of your case, a deferred sentence may be an appropriate option—but your first step should be to get experienced legal counsel.

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