Initial Appearance and Arraignment in Tulsa Oklahoma

When a person has been arrested, he or she is usually given the opportunity to bond out of jail. Before they are released, they are given a court date in the near future that they must attend to officially begin the process of the criminal trial.

The Purpose of the Arraignment

An arraignment is the first part of the process in court. At the arraignment, several things occur:

  • A copy of the charges will be formally presented to the defendant listing the charges they are facing.
  • The defendant will enter plea of guilty or not guilty.
  • The date for the next hearing will be set.

The initial appearance is designed to move the case into the proper judges’ courtroom and to ensure that each defendant is represented by an attorney. It also gives the court a chance to officially begin the trial process and to set the dates for the future hearings.

Every Appearance Matters

Legal counsel is absolutely crucial in a criminal proceeding. Having an experienced attorney by your side can make all the difference, and is important to be represented every time you enter the courtroom.

While court-appointed attorneys are often talked about, they are difficult to get when a person has been bonded out of jail. The court essentially assumes that if there is enough money to obtain the temporary freedom of the defendant that they can afford an attorney.

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