Bench Trial vs. Jury Trial in Tulsa County

Not all trials are conducted in the same way. In Oklahoma, there are two trial types: jury trials and bench trials.

  • A jury trial is a trial that utilizes a jury of the defendant’s peers to render a verdict. This means six jurors for a misdemeanor case, and 12 jurors for a felony case.
  • A bench trial does not have a jury, but rather a judge who renders their own verdict.

Which One is Better for my Case?

The simple answer is that it depends on the circumstances of the case. In theory, the two should come to the same conclusions, but that is rarely the case in reality.

  • A bench trial is typically faster than a jury trial, which makes it better when a fast verdict is preferable.
  • A bench trial relies on the judgment of one person. While judges attempt to comport themselves in a consistent and unbiased manner, they do feel outside pressures that can affect the outcome of a case.
  • A jury trial is also influenced by outside forces, and is more easily affected by emotional appeals and sympathy.

Both the defense and prosecution must agree to make the trial a bench trial, so it can be difficult to get one but at times it is a better option.

Choosing the Right Path, and the Right Attorney

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